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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Friday, November 11, 2016

I Resign

 Dear Sir,

After many long and happy years working for your co... Wait a minute! I don't work for your shitty company or buy your shitty products.

Dear Sir,
Go fuck yourself you stinking tyrant.
Yours faithfully,
Signed everyone who can see you for piece of sociopathic piece of shit you are.

i resign

Friday, July 29, 2016

Run, Hide And Tell Is Victim Mindset That Can Get You Killed

This protocol in a terrorist gunman situation is the product of people who don't trust you and believe that only they can solve a problem. The advice is so bad that the video produced by security 'experts' shows victims cowering in a cupboard as the police kick the door in. Police response is so slow that the chances are much higher that a terrorist will kick the door in and inflict certain, and possibly painful and humiliating, death. Hiding and waiting for police with guns to show up only increases your peril as in all forms of warfare blue-on-blue is a very real danger. The only useful advice is to not play dead.

Another destructive aspect is that terrorists now know how their victims have been trained and how they will behave. In a desperate effort to reassure weak and helpless people the government has given them what they want and the terrorists valuable information in formulating a battle plan in the process. A well coordinated cell could easily shepherd victims like startled pheasants onto waiting guns.

Finally, the protocol advertises weakness and surrender and can only encourage further bolder attacks.

The alternative, a suicide hostage approach, can legitimately raise objection on two counts. The first is the danger that a suicide hostage may incorrectly assess the situation and the second is that a weapon retrieved from a dead terrorist in the hands of a victim without a gun culture is just a dangerous. Both of these objections are a function of irresponsible western governments who have banned guns and encouraged passivity and submission. Both, at least in part, can be overcome by an individual who abandons the victim mindset.

Becoming a suicide hostage is a superior tactic in a terror situation and a superior strategy to live life without fear - the chief weapon of terrorists and governments around the world.

Stay tuned for articles.

Guy Walker